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Why career guidance?,
  • God has given intelligence equally to all humans. However, application of it plays a vital role in deciding one’s future! Coal and diamond are belongs to same carbon group but allotropically they are different entities. A raw diamond is not different from carbon; but when seasoned and cut faces, it transmits light in all directions and makes it a precious "Coal piece"!
  • We try to tap student's inner talents and latent energies from the state of coal to a glittering diamond. We guide and train them in all possible ways and means as per today's industry standards and requirements.
  • Students must keep in mind that, INTELLIGENCE is God's gift to all and HARD WORK is one's ambition to design self towards unending success and being the only ladder to reach the target!
  • Our philosophy and every one agree that there is no short cut for success. When natural intelligence is accompanied by hard work only, leads to success. History says that any great personality's success, hard work is always a silver line for them. Only intelligence may not lead to success; however, hard work without intelligence also proved to be success!
CAREER GUIDANCE TO ENGINEERS Engineering is a diverse and interesting career choice. Engineers have been a vital part of society since ancient times. 5,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, the construction of the Great Pyramid at Giza was quite a feat for the team of engineers. The Great Pyramid at Giza and the Great Wall of China are considered to be the largest human construction projects of ancient times.

Engineering is the country's second largest profession, covering disciplines of aerospace, agriculture, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer hardware, electrical, environmental, industrial, marine, materials, mechanical, mining/geology, nuclear, and petroleum engineering, as well as many others.

In India great works of Sir Arthur Cotton on irrigation projects in Godavari basin, Sir Mokshagundam Visveswaraya’s greate planning of Cauvery and Krishna basin, structures including KRS dam are of great importance. Even Nagarjunasagar stood a great engineering marvel as a biggest concrete structure.

Today, engineers are responsible for designing solutions to problems. Using computer aided drafting software (CAD), engineers develop tools, toys, communication devices, furniture, buildings, vehicles, roads, bridges, and medical equipment. They might also work to improve water systems, food processing, fuel efficiency, recycling plants, power sources, and mass transit systems. Reflected in nearly every structure and machine is the work of an engineer. From buildings to automobiles to power plants and hand tools, without the careful planning and design of an engineer, these elements would cease to exist.

Engineers are also responsible in exploring mother earth and providing geospatial solutions by making use of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing Technologies in mitigating floods, earth quakes, tsunamis, volcano eruptions, forest fires and drought like catastrophes and managing water resources, land resources and protecting bio-reserves!

We provide career guidance to engineers and technologists. Career guidance refers to services and activities intended to assist individuals of any age and at any point throughout their lives, to make educational, training and occupational choices and to manage their careers. The activities may take place on an individual or group basis and may be face-face or at a distance. They include career information provision assessment and self-assessment tools, counseling interviews, career education programs; they help individuals to develop their self awareness, opportunity awareness, and career management skills.

1. Shri Nalla MallaReddy College of Engineering, Hyd

2. IIT,Basara

3."Godavari Institute of Engineering and Technology, RJY"
"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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