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Over the past few years, the name of Mr. A.H.Devadas Retd Sr Manager B.H.E.L.R&D has become all too familiar to the I.E.E.E. fraternity of the Hyderabad section. His first memorable programme of participative demonstration of electromagnetic models during the Faraday Bicentennial celebrations in 1991 brought him into the IEEE limelight. As the members would recall, his models made of simple inexpensive gadgets brilliantly bring out the basic principles of electromagnetic induction, not only for educating those who know little about these classic laws invented by Michael Faraday –the Father of Electricity –in 1831 they also entertain the audience beyond their expectations!
Recently, on the occasion of inaugural of the XIX annual convention and exhibition of the IEEE, India, in Nov 1993, Mr. Devadas again presented a 45 minute program that was a delight of all delegates and dignitaries from India and abroad. So impressed and enthralled was Mr.H.L.Bajaj, the IEEE India council chairman that he immediately invited Mr. Devadas to visit Delhi to give his programme there on behalf of the council this contact materialized in April 1994 when Mr. Devadas gave 6 demonstration at the “prestigious” Delhi public school to a total audience of nearly 2000 students followed by a demonstration at sirdar patel vidyalaya, Delhi and then at MBM Engg and EMRC Jodhpur the enter expense being borne by the India council

It might interest members to know that Mr.Devadas has presented hundreds of demonstrations during the past 5/6 years at various cities and towns in India, inspiring and entertaining thousands of school, students, staff and eminent scientists alike - the most notable being at N.R.S.A, SHAR,BHEL and recently Univ. Of Poona under the auspices of LAPT- thus truly spreading the message of that classic phenomenon of electromagnetic induction – the fundamental basis of all electricity all over the world

Members interested in organizing Mr.Devadas program at their organizations may reach him at his address.

By Dr S.C Bhargava
Sr Member- IEEE
Specialist (Electromagnetic Phenomena)
BHEL R&D Hyderabad

[A lecture cum -demonstration by shri A.H Devadas]
As recorded by Mr.P.Chandrasekaram
The 14th of August 1993 was an important day in the calendar of Satyam Public School. It was on that day that Shri A.H.Devadas, ( Ret Sr Manager) of corporate Research and development B.H.E.L, Hyd gave a lecture- cum- demonstration to our Sr students and science teachers on electro magnetism. The speaker was introduced to the audience by our principal.
The learned speaker startled the gathering by his statement that he carried a power in his pocket. He had only a pencil torch cell his pocket .what was rather vague, unfolded itself gradually as the lecture proceeded. He began with the explanation of the principal involved in a dry cell, of the positive and negative poles of a cell, the role of conductors and insulators in transmitting electricity from one place to the other along with the make and break arrangement (i.e. switch) he went on to explain the E.M.F of a cell and how it could be increased by using a number of cells (i.e. in parallel connection) and how to draw current for a longer time by using a number of cells (i.e. series connection).
Next he switched over to magnetism, explaining the North Pole and the south pole of a magnet and the principals of attraction and repulsion. He showed how this property was utilized for the benefit of mankind. He illustrated the behavior of magnetic and nonmagnetic substances. Later he turned to the magnetic effects of current. He explained how a magnetic field was created by a conductor carrying current. He demonstrated the use of this principal in making a temporary magnet and showed its uses and distinct advantages over a permanent magnet. He took the the complex problem of creating electricity with the help of a permanent magnet, making it move speedy in a solenoid. He explained that the current induced was due the change of magnetic flux and demonstrated that the amount of current produced varied with the number of turns in the solenoid. He used the current produced to light the bulbs before the portrait of the great scientist Michel Faraday. He explained the formation of Eddy Currents in the circuit when the make and break arrangement took place in a circuit and how it could be used to create great heat in induction furnace.
After that he took the problem of mutual induction. In this connection, he explained the working of step-up transformer & step-down transformer and their roll in today’s power distribution system.
He explained the principle involved in “transducers” and their usage in modern electronic world. Throughout his demonstration he took pains to explain the complicated theory in a very simple, practical way which made his lecture unique and interesting.
The teachers would benefit greatly if they followed his example of making even a difficult concept easily understandable. With his advice to the students the function came to an end. The lecture-cum-demonstration made a great impact not only on the students but also on the teachers present at the time.
The Devadas participative Demonstration on electromagnetism
One of the exiting experiences at the VIII National Convention of IAPT at Vijayawada was the 2 hour participative demonstration on electromagnetism by Sri

A.H.Devadas.Retired Sr.Manager corporate R&D BHEL, now residing at Hyderabad .winner of the National Award for Invention of Educational models in 1970 from NRDC sir Devadas at 63 maintains an exceptional enthusiasm and dynamism to propagate series of his audience in to most of the items and maintaining elements of wit and humour as suspense all the time.

Sri Devadas started work on the programme in 1983 but used it extensively only after his retirement in 1990 he charges no money at all for the shows and presents them just for the love of it . He has presented the show to over 250 institutions in India and several countries abroad we feel that there is tremendous scope for using his technique for not only science propagation in the society but also for in depth implantation of science concepts in the mind of regular students at the school.

The models used by Shri Devadas are developed by himself and progressively improved upon. A full demonstration extends to three hours but it can be adapted to two hours if the audience has some initial awareness of the field. About 90 min before 90min after the show are needed for arrangements. The show relates to electromagnetism, ranging from elementary interaction to induction heating and levitation, as examples. Two other areas covered are traducing and stroboscopes. No black board, no theory, just a continuing series of demonstration to build up concepts and theory and applications with rig our.

Neither listing of items, nor even citing any sample will do justice to the presentation. One has to see it to get the excitement. For us in one IAPT he is a discovery. We had planed for stage science to the masses some four years back but could not find one person who would be one-tenth as effective as Sir Devadas. Now we planed to use him for propagation of his items as a prelude to creating several Devadases. Even if they are one-tenth as effective to begin with.

IAPT has other plans to utilize the services of Shri Devadas. But that is separate affair you may hear more on this latter.

Bull-IAPT Jan 1994
The Devadas Show in PUNE
Prof D.P Khandelwal had contributed a note Jan 1994 issue of Bulletin of the IAPT on the demonstrations developed by Shri A.H.Devadas and appealed the readers to arrange this program for the benefit of students in response to this, EMRC Pune invited Shri Devadas for some programs in Pune. The Range Hills Secondary School arranged one such program, thanks to EMRC Director Prof A.S.Nigavekar.

About 200 students ranging from STD VII to XI from 5-6 schools of the neibourhood and about 40 teachers witnessed an eye-catching fascinating program of about two hours on Mar22. We got first hand experience of magnetic, heating, lighting, stroboscopic effects of electromagnetism. Along with the demonstrations, Shri Devadas crossed all the barriers of age, languages, academic background of the audience etc very easily and he could explain the matter to all quite effectively. Each and every demonstration made some scientific principal very clear and included some entertainment also. This is remarkable feature of the show. Even the worship of Michael Faraday included demonstrations and so it touched science and cultures both.

Special mention must be made of the demonstration of levitation. Some countries are already developing the maglev (magnetic levitation) trains with some success, and in some journals articles on this have appeared. But none of us had seen a demonstration of this which only makes proper understanding of levitation possible. So this demonstration of levitation became the climax of the program.

Dipalee D. Sathe
The Range Hills Hr. Sec School.-Pune 411020
IAPT had introduced sri A.H.Devadas to the Physics Community through the show at the last convention, and had propagated his offer to display the PARTICIPATIVE DEMONSTRATIONS ON ELECTROMAGNETISM any where any time.

It is Pleasure to learn that our announcement through this Bulletin has caught up. The IEEE Newsletter of May1994 gives one page announcement of this activities under the double title “The Man with Simple Means and High Teaching or Square Peg in a Round Hole”

Sri Devadas is indeed very simple and local hospitality for him should be no problem for even modest institutions. But minimal facilities like a fully dark and large half and TV set are a must. Also , TA for his entourages of 3 has to be borne by the host institution.

His simplicity he wants only II class fare, but our courtesy demands that we offer him AC Sleeper TA at least in the winter and summer periods.

He has on his recent list planned visits to Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Dharwad, Mangalore, Ahmedabad, Panaji, Udayapur and Amrithsir. Some of these are for more than one institution arranging the shows.

We advise institutions to correspond directly with Sri Devadas at his address.

It would be very useful if some person or a group of them offers to become a “SHISHYA” of Sri Devadas means a disciple to emulate his art of presentation if so, IAPT will offer to make the facilities of equipments available to him / group. On the recommendation of Sri Devadas. This is an open offer.

If any body desires to develop parallel participative demonstrations in other areas of physics and related areas. IAPT will be ready to offer him/her full financial support for the expenses involved in the trails and build up of the needed equipment. This is also an open offer

President, IAPT.
IAPT Sept 1994.
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