At BHUVAN, It is free to see any place on the earth and one can do any experiment by download, update and utilise the data, with exact distances from photos taken by Indian satellites

BHUVAN one can see not only in English but also in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil ... the list is increasing!

BHUVAN means ‘EARTH’ in Sanskrit is the Geoportal of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It is an interactive versatile Earth-Brower.

BHUVAN is one stop versatile visualisation system showcasing the Indian Earth Observation capabilities in 2D, 3D mode in Web Browser and on Mobile. It is a Platform to create, visualize, share and analyze satellite (Geospatial data) products. Free Earth Observation (EO) Data can be downloadable through NRSC Open EO Data Archives (NOEDA)

BHUVAN gives you an easy way to experience, explore and visualize Indian Remote Sensing Satellite (IRS) images over Indian region. ISRO is well known amongst space faring nations for its world-leading reputation in developing new, indigenous and innovative service oriented applications using remote sensing technology including near real-time information from Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), Potential Fishing Zone (PFZ) information, disaster support related information like forest fire alerts, periodic agricultural drought assessment etc. These applications have been successfully institutionalized in many important areas of policy making, natural resources management, disaster support, and enhancing the quality of life across all sections of the society.

BHUVAN is also an initiative to showcase this distinctiveness of Indian imaging capabilities including the specific information like Growth of towns, Agriculture and Crop types, Land utilisation, Water resources, Ground water information, Minerals availability, Floods, Land forms like mountains and valleys information, Roads and Railways information, Soil types, Forest types, Crops types etc. (thematic information) derived from such imagery which could be of vital importance to common man with a focus on Indian region.

BHUVAN, an ambitious project of ISRO to take Indian images and thematic information from 6 to 55 metres ground distance (multiple spatial resolutions), depends upon requirement to people, through a web portal, through easy access to information on basic natural resources. BHUVAN showcases Indian images by the superimposition of these IRS satellite imageries on 3D globe.

BHUVAN displays satellite images of varying resolution of India’s surface, allowing users to visually see things like cities and important places of interest looking perpendicularly down or at an oblique angle, with different perspectives and can navigate through 3D viewing environment. The degree of resolution showcased is based on the points of interest and popularity, but most of the Indian terrain is covered up to at least 5.8 meters of resolution (one can measure anything above 5.8 meters in length) with the least spatial resolution being 55 meters from AWiFS Sensor (name of satellite camera). With such rich content, BHUVAN opens the door to graphic visualisation of digital form of earth's data of India, allowing individuals to experience the fully interactive ups and downs like mountains and valleys (terrain) viewing capabilities.

BHUVAN web portal by enabling a common man to zoom into specific area of interest with more details (at high resolution). BHUVAN brings a whole lot of uniqueness in understanding our own natural resources.

BHUVAN will also attempt to bring out the importance of images taken over a place on different dates (multi-temporal data) and to highlight the changes taking place to our natural resources, which will serve as a general awareness on our changing planet. BHUVAN services are going to be unique in preserving and conserving our precious natural resources through public participation. We are sure the common man will get rich benefits from these Indian geospatial data services in days to come.