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Question :1
Sir I am NEHA from Narayana IIT Olympiad school

Sir I was pleased. But i have a doubt about phones.

Sir why do we need to insert head set for listening to radio for some phones while for some of them it is not needed. please send me the Answer.

Head phone works as an antenna for some phones and some phones has got inside antenna. Antenna is required for any radio t work.

thanks a lot sir. and i want to give you a good news.

A student of our school named MEGHANA has been selected in NATIONAL TALENT SEARCHEXAMINATION(NTSE). I hope you remember her. She also remembers you.

I thank you a lot once again. {for giving me the answer.}
Question :2
T.Venkatesh, Class 8th b1, Sri Gowthami Smart School, J.N Road, Rajahmundry

Hello sir,
My questions are some what like this;

1) It is said that electrons flow in electric current, so how can electrons flow in wire less gadgets ?

2) How vibrations can be transferred through a current wire ?

3) How can we say that electrons are present in electric current, because electrons are present in atoms and atoms are present in all over the universe ?

These are my questions. Please give me your reply.
Question :3
Subhang, Class: 10th, Narayana iit olympiad

Can we store charge and use it like a battery afterwards?

Yes you can store the current in the form of A.C also but you can do it only a little in a capacitor. that's where we convert it to in the form of D.C and store it in a Batteries, though it is expensive. What to do in some particular needs we have to base on batteries only to storing purpose.

That's why solar power is expensive.

Other wise we can have so much of electrical energy from solar but the storing problem which is becoming expensive.

Any how we will discuss in one special session about all these areas.
Question :4
Name: saisuman,10th

Question: I am unable to understand the concept taught in my school and i am not satisfied when i don’t get the core meaning or derivation for a formula.
Question :5
Name: Dharma, 10th

Question: i want to know how nerve is formed ,how neurons are formed,how the messages will travel how energy is produced
Question :6
Name: jayesh, 7th, st pauls public school,

Question: how do you get the A.C on with help of mobile before you get home?
Question :7
Name: santosh,10th, Chagallu

Question: Newton does not know the radius ,mass of earth how did he calculate the value of g?
Question :8

Question :9
Name: saisuman,10th

Question: Sir We know current passes in water, but what is the resistance?
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