Bio Energy           Bull Dog Mine detector
  Cell Driving Detector     Cenrifuge
  Compact Biogas Plant     Conservation of Electricity
  Domestic Hydro Power Generator     Early Earth quake Alarm
  Egg Robo     Electrisity Generation
  Energy Conservation     Energy in the Box
  Enveronment Building     Expiry Date Indicator
  Generation of own Electricity     Green Roof
  Green Walk     Hybrid Energy System
  Hydrogen Fuel Cell     Kitchen Electricity
  Low Cost Nuritious Food     Maglev Train
  Maglevv Train     Manage the Damage
  Micro Hydro CRR     Organic Firtilizer
  Paralyzid Patients Robotic Arm     Power Generation from Waste
  Rescue Bot     Solar Agriculture
  Solar Hydro Inverter     Solar Powered Car
  Solar Thermal Power     Solar Transport
  Solar Updraft Tower     Train Anti Collision Device