Artificial Intelligence based Robot           Audio Amplifier
  Automated Window Mechanism     Automatic Emergency Light
  Back & Forth Robot     Ball Following Mobile Boat
  Biogas from Kitchen waste     Bio-Machining of Cupper P
  Bio-Machining of Cupper P     CHEM SPHERE
  Corrosion & Prevention     Electricity from Moving Vehicles
  FM Transmitter     Forecasting Water related Disasters
  Home Automation by DTMF     Indian Musical Instruments
  Intensity control of street lights     Land mine detector
  Magnetic Separator     Mobile Phone Radiation P
  Mobile Phone SMS Based Automation Control     Photo -Phobic & sound sensor Robot
  Photo Voltaic Cells P     Prey and Predator
  Rain water Harvesting     Recycling of waste heat in to electricity P
  Semi-Automatic Punching Machine     Sensing surrounding object Robo
  Sewage Treatment Process     Smart Home
  Smart Materials P     Smart Power Saver
  Sweepbot     Wind Power vehicles
  Wireless Transmission Using Microwaves