Robo Bomb Detector           JCB
  Bio Desiel     Train Safty
  Satellite Lanch Vehicle     Power torough Transportation
  Ele Acc Avoiding System     Lie Detector
  Hill Cutter     Preventing Train Desaster
  Avoid Track Accidents     Eddy Current
  Mobile Bug     Sand Bunker
  Cellphone Radiation     Road
  Hydrolic Machine     Cell Usage
  Total Internal Reflection     Anti Theft Comm System
  TeleMedicine     Emergency Flood Indicator
  Intl Transport System     Methods of Communications
  Morse Code     TV Broad costing
  Radar System with Satellite     Sound Controlled Car
  Earth Quake Indicatior     Sky way
  Lifting Hydrolic Crane     Magnetic Crane
  Power from waste     Power while excersize
  Power Producing Bridge     Wind energy
  Bio Diesel     Wind mill
  Kids Healhty Park     Electricity and its applications
  Simple Hydro Turbine     E 85
  Milti functional Elevetor     H2 from Waste water
  Power Saving     Hydro Power Generation
  Water turbine     Bio Energy for clock
  Gopi Prakashma Dist     Inclinometer
  Solar System     Water Pump Working with water
  Automatic Sowing Machine     Cellphone controlled Waterpump
  Bio Plastic     Robotic Arm
  Line Guided Robo     Cell chargers
  Light Sensitive Trigger     Verticle Forming
  Jeeva Rasayana Mandulu     Moiture Control
  Poultry form     Paper with Musa
  Natural Pesticides     Sri Vari Cultivation
  Bio Solids     Hydrolic Proclinear
  Cellphone operated water pump     Tunami Indicator
  Bamboo     Bio Gas