Air Blow Switch           Automatic wieght controller for bridges
  Bio Degradables     Bore pipes lifter
  Brick Making     Brick Makingg
  CO2 Air Filter     Drip Irregation
  DTMF Security System     Ecycle
  Excersize Power Cycle     Floting Bridge
  Foot step Power system     Geothermal Energy
  Liquid Rainbow     Modren paddy storage
  Molecules     Multi Cultural Instrument
  Paddy Dryer     Paper recycling
  PSLV     Pure Ghee
  Saver for Bore fallen Children     Solar and satellite system
  Solar heat energy     Synthetic Farming
  Transformer function     Tunami Alert System
  Waste Plants remover     All time daylight
  Any Time Milk     Automatic Rail way gate
  Bio Electronic Eye     Bio Electronic Eye1
  Bio Filter     Braille Language
  Distlled water making with solar Energy     Easy Transit of 4 way Junction
  Effect of Fertilizers     Fire Warner
  Flood Control     Floting Bridge
  Global Warming     Handicrafts
  Heart Beat Monitor     Liquid Bio Fertilizer
  Liquid Bio Fertilizer1     London Bridge
  MagLev     Malchi Cultivation
  Model of Satelliter     Modern Parking System
  Modren Railway Station     Nano Particle
  Power at Speed Breaker     Pure Drinking Water
  Simple working Model of Motor     Sugar Cane Initial Methos
  Tissue Culture     Water Filter
  Water Purification     Wind pump
  An Independent Farmer     Artificial hand
  Automatic 108 calling     Automatic 108 callingg
  Automatic Porch Lights     Avoiding Harmful Cell Phone Raditaions
  Cell Phone controlled Agri Motors     Co2
  Conductivity in Diff Liquids     Control Of global Warming
  Conversion of waste plastic to petrol     DC Motor
  Dialysis     Dialysiss
  Effects Of Cell Signals     Extruder
  Fighting on Florisis     funney Engine
  Furnace     Geo Thermal Energy
  GPS System     Granite slicer
  Green House effect     Hand Made Paper bags
  Heat Transfer ways     Hydro Power Plant
  Hydrolic Crane     Ideal Village
  Lift Irrigation     Line Guided Robo
  LPG Gas Detector     LPG GAS Saver
  Magnetic Field Line Demonstration     MegLev Basic Principle
  Modren Car Parking     More Weight More Danger
  Obsticle Detecting Bug     Our Universe at Glance
  Pheromore lures     Plastic Recycling
  power From Drainage water     Pre Programed school bell
  Prepaid Energy Meter     Pressure in Diff Liquids
  Pressure Jet     Protecting Kolleru Tank
  Reduce Global Warming     Remote Appliences
  Resonance Based Detector     Simple Electric Circuit
  Solar Dish Cooker     Solar Energey to Mechanical Energey
  Solar Powered Bird Warner     Solar Train
  Tele Recording     Transformer Protector
  Vermi Compost     Water From Air
  Water Pollution     Wind Milll
  Advanced Multipurpose Agricultural Device     Appartment Fire safty System
  Bernule Principle     Bio Diesel
  Bomb Detector     Cell Phone Radiation