LAgri Devicee     Air Pollution
    Automatic Rly gate system     Geo Thermal Power SASI
    Home Protector     Human Anotamy
    Power Transmission     Robot
    Roket Model     SFS Tanuku
    Railway Gate     Auto Flood Control
    Cell Radiation     Chandrayan
    Clap switch     Conduction of Heat
    Conservation of energy     Control of Smoke Pollution
    Ele pow gen Model     Electro Magnet Crane +
    Energy Saving     Fire Proff Appartments
    FM Transmitter     Foot Step Generator
    Geo Thermal Deepti     Hydro power
    Hydro Power Station     Hydro power
    Hydro power     JCB
    Journey through Space     Magnetic Therophy
    Magnetic Therophy     Magnetic Therophy
    Math Magic     Mathes Set theory
    Menarikam     Mobile Projector
    Multi Purpose Clening Machine     Object Counter
    Our Universe     Periscope