Vertical Forming           Poor man Horlics
  Garland of Rivers in India     Adulteration
  Use of Organic Fertilizers     Air Drop Irrigation Systems
  Multi Purpose Agri Bicycle     Storages
  Under Ground Drip Irrigation     Anthastula
  Drip Irrigation     A new technique for Fruits by using Ethylene
  Nuclear Power plants     Electricity from Garbage
  Modern Hydro Power Project     Mega production of Electricity
  Mobile Phone Radiation     Problems Caused by cell and cell towers
  H P C L     Artificial Photosynthesis
  Wealth from Waste     Eco Friendly Management
  why we cant use plastics     Power from Waste
  Hand Made Paper Preparation     Energy from Waste
  Non Pesticidal Management     Eco Friendly Environmental Resources
  Uranium Varamma Shapamma     Polythen Pralayam
  Oil Removing Boat     Tsunami Warning
  Controlling of Accidents     Railway Alarm