Promote Organic Forming           Eco friendly Agriculture
  Drip Irrigation     Food Adulterations
  Automatic Plant Irrigator     Here is an Amazing Tree
  Food Preservation and storage     Integrated Agro tech
  Agriculture with Drip irrigation and Vermi Compost     forming Turns Hi-tech
  Challenges and solutions of Indian Agriculture     Safety Measurements for crops
  Multi-tropic Agriculture with water Management     Two Gifts to the Farmers
  Drip Irrigation     Old Forming Equipments
  Crops on the roof tops     Sun Synchronized Desalination Power Generating Plant
  Green Electricals     Ideal Solar Village
  Magnetic Linear Accelerator     Fuel from Plastic waste
  Simple Amplifiers     Geo Thermal Energy
  Eco Friendly Air Conditioner     Electricity from Bridges
  wind mill     Hydrogen Car
  Alternative Sources of Electrical energy     Solar Energy
  Biogas from Alge     Solar Bottle Light Bulb
  House of Natural Energy Resources     Thyroid Gland
  Rain Water harvesting     Low Cost Nutritious Food
  Minimize the Cell tower Radiation     Health Disorders
  Gene Therapy     Dengue Fever
  Dental     Say No To Cool Drinks
  X Ray Tube     Cancer
  Pumpkin     Rural Waste Water Treatment
  Saving the saviors     Global Warming
  E 85 The safest Fuel     Eco friendly JCB
  Communications through Visible Light     Bio plastics
  CNG Hybrid Railway Engine     Depletion of Ozone Layer
  Recycling of waster water     Protection of Environment
  Bio plastics     Solutions to control the CO
  Environmental issues     Sewerage Waste Water Disposing
  Artificial Coal     Biogas
  Air Traffic Control     Robotic Bomb Detection
  Embed Robot     Safe Drive
  Rover with out Driver     Fire sensing Robot
  Renewable Energies     Preparedness For Tsunami
  071 Reconstruction of River Banks     Next Generation of Trains
  Green House Effect     Geo Stationery satellites