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Dear Science Lovers cum Knowledge Promoters,
  • Knowledge and intellect differs person to person.
  • In order to share and spread the best possible ways and means of scientific temperament.
  • We request your valuable contribution ..... in any way .... in other words in all ways.
  • Scientific Motivators humbly promises that each and every help from you would be utilized totally for this great cause.
  • Your help is most valuable ... of course so precious
Please respond generously

Dear Sirs, I need your help for sponsors for the following purposes

As we all know that our activities must go more effectively and I have come to an idea that with sponsorship it is possible run very effectively and you are the people who can sponsor this science promotion through innovative education process. As you all already know about my services to children. so at this time what exactly I am looking help from you is to come forward to sponsor these items may be for operation , event, equipment , expenditure, books, Educational DVDs like cbts, high quality content, vehicles,print materials, running costs, furniture, components & devices and also some man power resources.

I am sure you will become a great sponsor, where your help will penetrate to the right places and turn into children prosperous and growth, more productively,

I request you suggest me what I suppose to do for more reach out. With this confidence I am asking you to do this favour, pl do it at the earliest.If you would like do so.

Thanks and waiting for your responses for this noble cause.

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