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APRGKUT-IIIT-Basara Students
Children's Feedback
I have enjoyed your class a lot. I am happy to have a wonderful person in front of me like this. I have got so much, sense of humor and you made class step-by-step so much interesting that we expect. I think you are the teacher who created this much interest on a particular subject. I have achieved a lot of knowledge and the most inspiring thought of yours is Ignorance is dark, night Intelligence is light, Bright. I feel highly enlightened to have your class for our school.
Venkatesh 10th class
I am so happy to listen to your class because after listing to this class I thought to do some thing new in my life. What you have told it is very interesting to every one I want to prove my talent among the entire world. I am very thankful to you for ever in my life. And today I really came out from ignorance. I request you to go to other schools also.
Lokeswara Reddy .K
I feel very efficient to tell that I have known many inventions about physics. Sir, you have told about the charging of a battery by wind energy is superb and you also gave me some good ideas and new thoughts. I feel very happy to listen to this class. Sir I certainly try the invention about the charging of the batter of mobile. I frankly tell that I am too poor in electric chapter, you have thought me many things about electricity, you have thought me the best of the best I could understand. Now I have come to an end that I should make my own new invention. And now I have certainly got an idea that to give my invention to my country. Now my aim is to become scientist.
Vijay surya
The class I have attend is very interesting and I fell that there is no much of stuff that is to be learnt by me. I know the topics which u have explained, I just know about them not there basics. I want you to take more and more classes. I want to become industrialist. I want to share your experiences.
Hanuma Ravi Teja
Today the class I attended and thought by you about “science and technologies” is very interesting and very attractive. The way of your teaching is so attractive where our where the thoughts of our brain were followed to your class. Today the class given by you made me to think forward about new inventions. The logical questions which questioned by you made me to think it, logically and deeply. Off course I will definitely success my goals and you are one of the inspirer to me after A.P.J Abdul Kalam.
V.S.R.V.Gopal Varma
This was the class where i got knowledge about my future and engineering. After the motivation so much about the scientific, this is even superb and fantabolus. As I want to become an engineer I want more and more information from you. Please, please, please send me some information, twisted & technological question to my e-mail ID.
Pravathini Anvesh
Interesting, innovative, interactive class. It was full of fun. It would enable every one to involve in learning, but to frank sir, it was the best class we can ever get. I would definitely look forward to you. You are the person who changed my mind, I would rather say life. I will definitely join a CBSE school for sure and I will be in search of knowledge than marks. Thank you for all this and please stay in touch with me. I want you to be my road to success this is for real.
Sai Sashank
I was very happy for attending to the teachings of yours. You have given more practical knowledge to all of our students. You have made us to learn more practical knowledge and you have improved our imaginary skills and instead of spoon feeding us you have made us to answer for your questions and I have gained more scientifically knowledge from your teaching which are very useful not only for ones one, but for the Global country. You has made us more imaginative and you thought us which is the good way and good to all of us in the future. The examples of your made us to learn more easy and when you asked us a question that who want to become astronaut, I was very impressed of it when you says that you will help me they I felt very very happy. Sir I was very useful to you for my life long sir. You are the science and technology minded person sir.
Saveer Reddy
I am very thankful that you have come to our school and gave such a vast expansion of science. You have taken class of 3 ½ hours class and you have not bored us even 1 sec. you have interacted and moved here and there. I wish you would have been our teacher. You have been very practical. You explained through your clippings. The way you explain practically will really make each and every student strong in basics and from your learning we will really fly out in colors. You have proved that you are the man of science and technologies.
I have enjoyed your class. I came to know more and more knowledge. I learnt about transformer. in my mind I kept many questions. I will try to work them out. I came to know what creativity is. My ambition is to become cardiologist. You gave beautiful thoughts. I will be glad to meet you. I will work out what ever the questions come into mine. You are one of the inspirer for gaining more knowledge. I never forget you in my life. You’re the best teacher ever I seen. My mind has got much knowledge. I also got some answers to my questions before I got.
Sri Ram. A
We enjoyed your class by sharing knowledge. We want more from you. Please give us your e-mail ID and address, we will be contacting you sir, we the students of Bhavan’s will follow you. We will take you as a base of our life. Today is the day where I saw science, listened to science, and came to know the importance of science. Your sweat your hard work and your experience will give us a very “bright future”. We think you the basic “aid” for the children of entire nation, who have to learn a lot from you and your knowledge, your examples, taught your teachings has dipped us in the topic of “science and Technology”. Your words and your sentences gave us good inspiration of our future life.
Sir I want to become a practical man. Today really I came out of the ignorance from your noble thoughts. I also learned a lot that every thing should be practical but not just mugging up. What even the practical we do it should be in our mind but not on a page. I also understand that can do miracles with just imagination and thinking with applying common sense. After listing your ideas I just applied a small physics hear is that when I was listing to your class I am just a white light but after finishing it I was dispersed into a flying colors I am also dear of one thing is that what ever we see in this universe is full of science. I also become a good understanding of the concepts. One more thing I am clear that if we just understand the concepts we can do anything and everything. This made possible after your valuable teaching. So now I really put if in practice.
Vivek. S
This class helps us to learn about many new things which we don’t know. It also helps us to know what the preset generation is doing. And this class helped me a lot to know about the basic things of physics. How we can utilize the different diff forms of energy. By using this teaching aids the students will not forgot about what we have learnt in this class. By listening to this class I have learn a lot about physics with out knowing the physics we cannot do anything in the fast growing generation and we cant survive in this world by listening this class I came to know that what the developed countries are doing to develop there countries still more. We all will make the our country to be in the one of developed countries . I felt very happy while listening your physics class. Thank you very much sir for giving us this wonderful class to become C.A
Actually, I like this class. It helped me a lot to understand the difference between practical thinking and theoretical thinking in an interacting way you can help me better to understand complexities through basics. I would like to know your email ID for future contact. I never had such an interacting class without strictness actually, I had never seen this beautiful would. You made me to see the world with science. Now I realized the difference between science and technology.
Phani Sarath
I feel happy to listen the class of yours. it is so interesting. I don’t feel any bored. Actually I would like to become like you your inventions and discoveries were very interesting. But still now I am having many doubts in your class. Like producing of electricity from a lemon and how do you make the inventions of controlling cooker and air conditioner (AC). I feel very excited by your question. They were interesting. But at the beging of your class onwards a question was striking in my mind. As you said about many great personalities of India. You said that you are proud enough to be citizen of India. You said that all Indians have equality. “but why do you contribute your knowledge to another country like U.S.A? your class is so funny. And your jokes actually I wish to have a physics teacher like you for our school. So please consider this request and please clarify doubts by mailing me. Actually I want to do more inventions. My ambition in my future is pilot. But I don’t know even how a plane flies in air. So I want to learn more from you so please help me.
Your thought “study for knowledge but not for marks” inspired me.
Sai Charan
This class has been very interesting. This has made me to understand the concept in a better way. This has created interest in science and technology. I am now very interested in science and technology. This gave me the confidence to try and discover new things and the understand the actual concepts. I wanted to become a doctor.
We are glad to have such a wonderful class by you such a teaching helps a child to improve their practical skills and it helps one to enjoy the knowledge practically. It also enables the student to remember well and the student can write all the details in their minds easily. We had improved some of our knowledge and we understand the need of being practical and the importance of practical skills. We are willing to have such more classes from you. We had enjoyed your class a lot and at the same time we gained some knowledge. We are thanking you for having such a wonderful class.
We enjoyed your class very much. I was very happy and thankful to see you. Your class was very interesting and wonder struck. I had learnt many new and interesting things from your class. Which I had not learnt till now. I want much more information from you. I understood that practical is more important than theory you helped me to understand world as a great village. I learnt about goods and devices. I want to become an mechanical engineer. I inspired by your class.
Nagendra Prasad .B
Firstly, I would be thankful to you for inspiring us and for your great thought to see a “practical India”. Even the journey around the earth begins with a single step. Today you are alone inspiring India but tomorrow we are two, multiplying day by day. One day we can transform India, to a land of intellectuals. And for the students your class was innovative. You also have aroused the curiosity hidden in the deep layers of pur heart. Perhaps, curiosity is the greatest virtue of man. We are truly inspired by your class. You proved that science is not in text book but in your life and action speaks more than words. I promise you that one day I would be like you and inspire our nation.
Anil Babu
This class is so interesting to us. I never enjoyed any time like in any class and also we enjoyed in our school our teachers had thought us very nicely but we got more interest from this class we got more science and technology from this class. If our teachers use to we use listen only for one hour but in this class I heard three hours continuously very interesting really I did not think that I will meet such a person in my life. I joined in during my fifth class I don’t know what is mean by games like throw ball, valley ball etc but this school had thought me a so many things not only studies in other activities like drawing music dance and etc. I improved a lot in all the activities so thankful to our school and our teachers mostly I thank full to principal for giving opportunity to see like you great person sir. I will be in contact with you sir. I wanted to become an computer engineer. If any grammatical mistakes, please correct sir. We will not make noise in our class sir.
Sai Sudha
This class have helped me a lot by seeing the teaching aids. By this way I came to understand that we should always think in a positive way. It also helped us to know how the outside world is. We have come to know the basic concepts about physics. By your teaching and I felt active enough for hearing what are you teaching. Now I came to know that we need not have only basic concept and we should practically enough to understand the students. Your class has helped me a lot about physics. It is so interesting and active enough for your teaching. By your teaching I have gained some knowledge about our outside world. Sir, you have put an excellent questions for us to think positively enough. So , you have developing the world by doing the things practically. So , sir please come for more and more classes like this . so , by this we can gain some knowledge. So, I request you to come for every month. By your teaching I was very happy for listening your class interestingly. So, your class is so wonderful enough. Thank you for your excellent class for us.
The class was very interesting and valuable. It is useful to our future. The things which you have showed are very very nice and the question which are put by you are very nice. We came to know many things. You said about the mobile charge that we can keep to the rod and we can charge our mobile the concept is very very wonderful. The class made us to thinks practically about the things. We are very happy for listening the class and also we are so lucky for getting you sir. We understood the class well and we came to know things that which we don’t know. The class was a kind of inspiration for us and we are lucky.
I am glad to see you. I felt happy when you have come here. I have learn from you so much I enjoyed the class. You came here for teaching us we are we are so much lucky and what you showed from the pen drive I felt happy by seeing them. We got so much interest to know so much about the subject. We are very lucky to meet you. I had really heard 3 hours continuously what you told us. We the class 10th is very lucky to know so much about the science and technologies. We are so much thankful to you. We want still to know some thing about it. You are a great person to us.
Lakshmi Ayesha
The class I attended is very interesting and attractive. What I learnt from the lecture delivered is that to be practical in every thing. Don’t believe any thing blindly. Think practically. Try to find the reason and mechanism of every thing what we face or observe. I am very interested in the development of latest technology and wanted to learn more and more from you. I was attracted by your innovation of controlling the devices by phone only and I wanted to know everything about it. With your help I would like to develop a new technology like that, finally I say your way of teaching and way of thinking is excellent.
My aim in life is to bring India my motherland into a top most position in the world and prove that Indians are no more less than any one.
Vijay Rama Raju.P
I feel very thankful for spending your valuable time with us. It was an initiative class which emphases us to improve our creative and thinking skills. It helped us to recognize the subject which we are lacking in. you the protagonist of the class helped us to learn a lot about the subject. It brought us together by our interaction about the subject. Today I have come to know where am I lacking regarding the subject. Today with your class I was able to gain a lot of knowledge about the science and technology. Really to say today your class was very fantastic. Mind boggling and excellent. Thank you so much sir for sharing your knowledge with us. Hope we will definitely meet in the future and spare your time to us.
I am so happy to meet you. I enjoyed this class a lot. I have learnt many things from you by listing your class. I got a confidence that I can do any thing you teaching is mind blouring. I don’t have any words to praise you. You taught us many things that useful for us in future. I have learnt many things about science & technology. Sir I want to rob still more knowledge from please sir once visit our school my ambition is to become genetic engineer.
Haritha Devi Padala.
First of all I have to thank you because I have never seen such a wonderful science class. Your class is motivated, interesting, and full of thinking and involves a lot of brain work. I had never seen a great personality like you because, for the first time in my life I was very interested to take part in your science class. Before your class I was used to by heart all my answers. But your class has really motivated me and moved my heart. Now, I was able to think more and more practically only because of you and your way of teaching. Once again I thank you for talking you such a beautiful interesting and wonderful science class.
Ravi Teja
To day, the day is can not be forgotten in my life. This day has risen the curiosity and anxiety to know about new things. This class has helped to take me near my goal. This class fulfilled the heart of mine with much new information about technology. This class was interesting and motivation. This class can help the students to develop their skills. Thanks for conducting this type of class.
Mahesh Kumar.D
I am very thankful to you and also I am very happy top gain a powerful knowledge from you about science and technology. I want you to be contact with me for ever suggest me in different ways.
Saylee Morey
We are really happy to listen your class and you gave us extra-ordinary knowledge in a few hours. More over the basic skills you had thought is excellent your speech and questionings and explanation is fantastic. More over you motivated us to think in a practical way and know the basics behind every matter. It is really interesting. We are very much happy to know the facts around us. We are very much thankful to have you class.
I felt that many feeling of development coming in me. I got to know many things. The world out side in competitive. We must be a practical not theoretical. New thoughts must arise from cosmos. Thoughts bring brightness to world. We feel so happy to take your class. You designed many feelings in us, giving us a new sound full future.
Sai Praneeth. M
Your class is so interesting that every one have heard in the class. We all Bhavans of 10th class have learnt many things that we have heard no where. We have astonished by hearing some things. Your class has increased the interest in subject. We have learnt that learning itself is not any achievement but doing practically is very important we all hope to have many more classes by you in the future.
Nutan Prasad. Y
The class by srinivas sir is very interesting and are affective. It moulds up the students thoughts over their science subject. Really his collection for the students is very great. He tries to make the students and understand the concept in a very much useful practical manner. Getting guideline from his gives us an anonymous knowledge but not only bookish language. He surely and satisfactorily make us to understand the basics behind the working principles. It’s a great pressure to spend time with him. His speech makes us to learn the enthusiastic and very anxious manner. It is awesome. Thanking you sir for showing us the pleasure of learning science information and technology.
Anjana Likitha.S
The class I attend was very interesting and attractive. What I learnt from the lecture delivered is that to be practical in every thing. Don’t believe any thing blindly, but believe by seeing practically. Try to find the reason and mechanism in it, and also we should learn more basics and it helps to you to do every thing what ever you want, and also we should learn more and more about any thing which we like. And another point we have to think every thing positively. Finally I say that your way of thinking and your way of teaching was excellent. My ambition is to become as astronaut. Don’t forget to mail me Please.
I have enjoyed the class so much and also learnt so much from this class. I got inspiration from this class. I want to learn about science and technology so much before attending to your class, I don’t have these much knowledge about science and technology. I am feeling proud to attend to your class by saying that I have meet one of the top 10 engineers of our country and he is highly skilled and educational member. Sir I am thankful to you for teaching about many general things that happens in our life and science in our life I am very proud of myself. And I also fell that you are one of the best teacher in life. Actually I thought of joining in other school but changed my mind. I want to learn some more.
I joined in this school in a seventh class from seventh class I did hear like this class. But first time I hear valuable lecture. I so inspired by you. Sir in my life when I hear any thing about any profession. I feel that I should become it. When I hear your lecture. I felt that should be one member in development of technology in India. In India many people feel that girls will help in the development of technology. After 5 years on my own part I invention many different things for the developments of the country. I prove that girls will ply important roll in development of India. I will say the same things what you told to meet my friends. I will promises sir what I will become second kalpana chawla. Sir your word are heart touching. Next year I connect you to my student in CBSE. I want you to share your knowledge to me. If you will co-operation to me. I will be an physics topper. Definitely of ten years I will win nobel prize. I will be great scientist after C.V.Raman in list. Definetly I will be in contact with you. I am not having email in summer holidays. I will get my email. I make India as developed country. actually my aim is to be president in U.N.O. I am week in science and Mathes but I like it. I will get average mars in science. I aim was to become topper in science and mathes which are difficult to me. When you told your experience I am so excited to know. Now I came to know how fast the world. Before your class I am in darkness after your class I came to brightness. Sir please give me a best suggestion. I am having many ambitions like Noble prize winner for science or social service, president of U.N.O.
Hima Bindu.K
The class which was given by srinivas sir is so informative and efficient for us. From this class we got more confidence levels and we also wanted to hear more and more classes from you. We came to know many basics of physics and we also want to become a citizen like you sir. Sir we want a many questions from you and we wanted to improve our science skills. I wanted to become a best student of you sir. As you said us that CBSE is more useful and more information to give now I am going to the student of CBSE. Finally I am so happy to have a look towards you and I am feeling great have a class with you sir. Now I am feeling proud of myself to be a student of CBSE and no where I hear a class like this sir.
Pushpa Sri.K
I felt very glad to see you & thankful to you for spending your valuable time with us. The class is very interesting and you have improved our thinking skills and the subject you have thought is very special and we have learnt more about it which we have not learnt. We have never see such an interesting and more innovative. The thought which have come to you is more special, your confidence, mind skill has inspired us a lot. We are anxious towards the questions you have asked and curious to say the answers. We have learnt a lot about science & technology. We are thankful to you so much. We want your class again. The friendly nature of you towards the students have made us very impressive. we are very lucky to have you with us today. You made our minds more creative and thanks a lot to be with us.
We are happy to listen your valuable things and we learn many things from you. You have given more knowledge than before. Before meeting you we all did not think about these scientific things now onwards we will think sir. I will try to do any thing. What you thought for us, once again you come to our Scholl sir. If you come once again we will gain more knowledge.
Naveen B
I am very happy to attend this class. we were very much motivated by this motivation class from you, I came to know that we must not neglect even a small topic, should be attentive, fractional and keep an eye like watch dog on every function related to our daily life. We came to know the importance of CBSE syllabus. With your help I came to know where I am lagging behind in my mental development. Sir I hope you will help me in designing my career. My dream goal is to become a cardiologist.
Deepak Harsha
Your class is very wonderful. I felt practical after your class your speech and imagination is excellent. Your class is very inspiring. Till now I felt science is a part learning facts, after your class I want to put the facts into practical. You also raised the curiosity hidden in our heart. You have proved that every thing that is in our earth is science.
Satya Mani Kiran
My ambition was to become a pilot. The class was very interesting. It makes us think more deep a bout basics. It makes the subject interesting creates verity to learn more about the subject. It also taught us to think practically for every single question we get into our mind. It helps to think a lot. The class was a kind of inspiration for us. The experiences you said us make imagine about them .The word of great people like about Einstein inspired us. The questions you put at us made us think about it all the time to find it out. The class made us curious to know more about technology and working principle of many gadgets we see around. All the more the class was very fantastic we would learn more and more by such kind of classes in future. We hope you would take kind of classes it was awesome.
Roopa Prashanti.S
The class is so interesting I had learned many new things. Your explanations made me to understand different topics easily your lecture Is very good and interactive. Before you giving lecture to me opted for state syllabus. After your lecture I started opting for CBSE. Your class is innovative interactive and interesting. You also made me to understand latest technologies. Sir you are the person who inspired me my life. You made my life easy.
Mani Deep.Y
The class was very interesting. It helps us a lot in our studies. The thing which we don’t know in our life, was thought by you sir. We came to know how much CBSE school important for our future. My ambition is to become doctor, but after listing all the importance of electronic which can be made our own you have share our knowledge with us I am very poor in physics and even in 11th std ever I thought not to touch physics but we can get it by learning and understanding and hard work process. You are very friendly to us, some teachers will be serious in teaching but by that we can’t learn any thing, but the way of teaching by you was funny and we learn a lot from you how to think by our brain not by writing in books.
Satya priya.T
I have never seen like this type of teaching. You are so so so rich in this technology. You have speeded your thinking, knowledge to us. You increased our curiosity towards science and technology. You made us to know about technology. Your way of teaching is so nice. You are the one of the best, what I feel is. I want you to contribute your knowledge to us more and more. I think and my opinion is you are one of the great personalities.
Rashma sree.A
We are very happy to see you in our school and to listen about your valuable class. We want to know more and more information for next academic secession. We students who are going to join in 10+2 in BVBRPS are requesting you to be as our teacher. We need to know more and more from you
Uma shanker reddy.K
I had a great experience from your class. I don’t find any draw backs in your class. Your innovative class really inspired me. this was the best innovative class I had in my life. Actually I am interested in listening or knowing some thing new in science and technology. You have explained very well about world as a Global village as you have suggested to have practical skills more than theoretical skills I my self definitely follow your suggestion and improve my self in Science stream. You have explained very well about the functionality of different devices. Your questions are so good that they would be definitely helpful to Me and my friends in future. Hope you would be helpful to us in future. I am so thankful to you for your valuable seminar. Sir my ambition is to become a cardiologist. So hope you help me in future by giving some useful information.
Adithya . M
My name is Manasa from 10th class. That your class is very interesting and very valuable. It is useful for our future. The things which you showed is very nice and questions you put on us is very useful for us we came to know many things about mobile charger is very nice. The class made us practically and your teaching is very nice. By your teaching we came to know more things than we know. Because of this we can write our CBSE exams we can write properly and I want become fashion designer.
I am very interested in your class because it gave me a good intellectual knowledge and it was very interesting for me and other even and still I need to learn more and more knowledge from you. And knowledge is divine and you have proved it today so I am very gladly happy to listen to your class and I need to listen still more. So I am heart fully thinking that you will help me a lot for ever I like to become an C.A.
Somanath Deepak
Your speech was so nice we have learned lot more things by your class your teaching have given us different taught to our minds. Know we are interested to learn lot more after your teaching it will help us lot more in our future we have got different question in our mind. Your speech has given a lot more things in our mind. Sir I want to become an engineer.
I had a great experience from your class I don’t find any draw back in your class I am so interested in your class. I want listen more and more class from you at some time I think that you will visit our school again and again at the same you will increase our knowledge.
This class gave more knowledge for me. I have never seen these types of things that you have said. I came to know lot many things from you sir. The way of changer with wind energy made me very much interested. Even I wanted to make that type of charger for my future also. Sir not only myself all over friends we are so much thankful to you for giving us this much knowledge sir. My aim to be mechanical engineer. I hope that you will help me in my future.
I have learned many things which can make easy it is too much technical and easy to make on our own. We are very much interested in your it is like a friend say to us or explaining to us. We need not buy any thing electronic items. We can make by our own. This class have given me and us a marvelous information. Definitely we will also try to make some thing new. We will bring lot of lourence to our country and mother land. I wanted to spend time with you and to take from you definitely we wanted you to come again before.
Hari Venkata Reddy.V
I learnt so much about science and technology by this class. I thought text book is enough to learn. But now days logical thinking is very much important already by your class you learnt me a lot.

Anil babu, ganesh and saurav are the toppers. They read so many books and understand things but not only the books they think logically also. Before I used to think that they are also reading also reading same books what I am reading. But by listing your class I got a thought that not only the text books we should have a logical thinking also.

Until now many speeches I have listened than all speeches your speech is very interesting. And also I have listened one word that “practical” yes sir this is correct we should that it is very easy to practice any thing. We have learnt that word from you.

I am feeling so satisfied by listening your speech.
Rajesh .N.V.S
It is very interesting, inntractive class. we feel very happy to listen to your class. in our life there is no one said like this. You are the first person that who gave us to so much knowledge. It is very good and I would definetly look forward to you sir.

Sir you are the person that can change a weaker as a brighter student. This class is very interesting. Sir I wanted to keep in touch with you and you have more knowledge and who will be with you they definetly come up in the life.

Sir, I to want to know like you more knowledge and sir I will say to you my email ID latter by calling you I will say sir and your class more interesting how much we cant say sir butany way thank you sir.
We feel very happy by earing to your speech. We are so much attacted to your lesion, I need to know more & more things from you sir. I can understand your style speekingvery fastly and I will try to attend more classes with you, your kind of teaching is very simple to understand and learn. Your friendliness, kind hearted and cool minded which attracted me. After hearing to your class I came to know more things which oi don’t know also. I have never attend this type of class any time before.this is first time in my life seeing such a class with lot many details , information.
Sri Ram Narayana .P
This class was very excellent, useful to all of us. It helped us to be as clever as we can. It made us to understand the meaning of the questions. It will make us to understand the theme of the subject and to be a great student. We all felt happy for your valuable speech. I liked your subject invention etc. we all are not having that much ability to understand but we all tried to understand as much as we can really, we all are ignorance people. You made us to understand the problem of ours and it will make us to mould our future efficiently. You are simply superb. I thought that just you will say some thing and you will leave. But this is the first class which was liked by me the most. I was inspired by you. I liked when you said that Indians are great you are taking care of our India’s future. Thanks a lot for spending your very much valuable time for us. You are the inspirations for us all. Sir if you can help me in molding my future. I was very happy for meeting such a big personality. But you were very simple. You can create wonders. You already created of course. You will make other to create wonders. Such intention was liked by us.
Iam so happy why because I meet you I got so much information from you. We want improve so many things from you we are so happy to learn this things still more we want to learn this things we want to improve our science and technology skills and we want improve still more information from your self.
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"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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