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According to me scientists conceive the concepts of science and technologies made them available to all. Scientists are the ones who invent or innovate solutions to all living & non living being's simple, critical and complex problems. In this process they create the wealth the other way wealth creators are the resources for massive missions of millions of people in many ways.

So how do we explore the facts about learning science with fashion to children at school level itself. And develop the questioning minds?

“The scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; he's the one who asks the right questions"- Claude Levi Straus

How do we make our students think better? How do we make thinking Visible? How do we make children learning Fun Filled? How do we make inquisitive scientists? How do we make innovative designers? How do we make creative engineers? How do we make children “Reach the unreachable”? and explore the untold.

Why we are not able to produce a noble laureate in science after Sir CV Raman?

Why the number of scientific research papers presented in India is on a decline?

Do you know, what the perquisites are to claim aid for a poised scientist?

"Dr Yellapragada Subba Rao" believed that the scientist creativity and originality flow from the freedom of thought enjoyed by him. It is needless to say about Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam but how do we produce such many more Kalams.

With all the above questions in mind and as a social responsibility I have taken up the Scientific motivations as one of the prime activity of mine through "Young Scientist Program" activities. for more...

My Scientific Motivational Demonstration for Mana Uoori Kosam TANA Program at ZPHS Mirthipadu on 20th Dec 2016
My Scientific Motivational Demonstration at S P P R R Z P HIGH SCHOOL Tallapudi, W.G. Dist, A.P on 28th October 2016
Scientific Motivational Demonstration at Make the World Wonderful, Hyderabad
Scientific Motivational Demonstration at Make the World Wonderful, Hyderabad

"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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